Fresh Media is a team of content creators who provide B2B and B2C content solutions.

Good content helps you build stronger relationships with your current and potential customers. It has gone from being a nice idea that should be looked at some time to an integral part of your marketing strategy. Implementing a content strategy costs less than traditional marketing and has greater cut-through.

Fresh Media is the result of a lifetime of accumulated experience in print and online communications.

Let’s create something together.

Fresh Media


Mark Cushway, is the CEO and Founder of Fresh Media.

Mark Cushway is an experienced communications specialist who has helped start-ups and SMEs align their communication strategies with their business goals to step change performance.

He has been able to identify gaps in the market coupled with opportunity and a strong personal desire to help others. Involved in communications since the PageMaker publishing program was hip Mark has launched and been involved in street press and trade rags, business titles and websites, start-ups and ecommerce sites. He’s been an editor, news hound and features writer, worked in sales and as a publisher for multiple titles. With a burning passion for helping people communicate more effectively he’s crossed back and forth over the communications divide.

When he brought mivision to the market he saw a niche in the eye health sector for a platform created by the professions and associated industries to help facilitate communication. mivision proved a success and worked like a good thing does.

Mark understands the power of well-crafted content. Through his new venture, Fresh Media, he will help SMEs improve their customer communications by developing and implementing fresh content strategies, ignited by purpose. 

With a strong communications background and the ability to translate offline experiences to online, Mark takes a fully integrated approach to the delivery of an organisation’s customer experience.

Our Team

Our team is a talent pool of maturity and youth. We harness the skills of experienced content creators who have worked in a pre-digital age producing hard copy content and the digital generation who only know a world of online content creation.

We understand today, that more than ever, the strength of your content is key to how you reach your customer.

The experience of our team draws on work done in tailoring marketing and communication strategies from international brands to small SME’s.

We are excited about what we can deliver for you.