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  • Can’t anyone produce content?

    11/07/2019 by

    For sure. Anyone can create reasonable copy but creating great quality, targeted, engaging content is much more difficult. And, who, running a business has the time and energy to devote to producing great content.

    Writing and industry knowledge needs to come together to produce great content. This requires time and skill to execute. The time of a business owner and their staff is better spent on running the business and looking after their customers.

  • Do I really need to create content?

    10/07/2019 by

    If you’re constantly updating and producing new content, you are part of the 86% of B2C markets who are and 91% of B2B marketers using content marketing.

    If you’re not, it’s a safe bet that your competitors are engaging with content produced by your competitors on social media and through articles that they’re then sharing on their platforms.

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